Wednesday, August 08, 2001

"Keep this, I love you always,"

Lily, take harry and go! It's him! Go ! Run! I'll hold him off-"
The sounds of someone stumbling from a room-a dorr bursting open-a cackle of high pitched laughter-"Not Harry, Not Harry, please not Harry!"
"Stand aside, you silly girl....stand aside now..."
"Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead-"
Numbing, swirling white mist was filling Harry's brain...What was he doing? Why was he flying? He needed to help her...She was going to die...She was going to be murdered...
He was falling, falling throught the icy mist.
"Not Harry! Please...Have mercy...have mercy..."
A shrill voice was laughing, the women was screaming, and Harry knew no more.
Dear Diary,
It's amazing how much Rory's life is like mine. I really don't know what that means. But okay. Today was actually fun. I went to school, saw a boy named Keya. He noticed me. XD. THat is bad. So me and my best friend tried to avoid him the whole day. I saw some girls that are in my grade. And we talked. Then me and my best friend went to the ice skating rink, and later to the mall. My dad promised me some of those Harry Potter Trading Card Game Booster Pack things. My mother keeps singing about how Harry Potter died, (she doesn't like him.) I can't wait to get some of those. I really do wish I had a cuboard under the stairs. All of my friends have them. Anyways, I got my idea for my story, or at least the start. I am so happy. Earlier today, I was listening to Krystal and Titan AE soundtrack. I am really board, I'll blog tommorow.
"I'm in over my head...."

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

A girl named Tina has four children: James, Sirius, Lorali, and Ginny, it is for my story. She marries a guy named Nick.
(I don't know what that means)
Dear Diary,
I compare my life to Rory Gilmore's life in Gilmore Girls. (Gilmore Girls is my favorite TV show.) It is a huge mess. Anyways, My summer so far has been totally boaring. The only places I have been are Lake Isabella and Sacramento. Nothing huge. Anyways, I have been entertaning myself with the television, and Harry Potter and Gilmore Girls fan fiction. Anyways, my hobbies are surfing on the internet, and writing. Anyways, I am totally board.
My crush, Tristen is so cute. I haven't seen him in ages and I am totally looking forward to see him. Anywyas, I have to go. I will blog later,